The '90s were a time for change in the hard rock world, and while grunge was offering one fresh option, there was Rage Against the Machine creating their own path and influencing many other acts to follow with their rap metal sounds. Our Readers Poll salutes the pioneering rockers by asking you to vote for your favorite Rage Against the Machine album.

It was a slow build for Rage Against the Machine, who arrived on the scene without much fanfare in 1992 with their self-titled debut. Tim Commerford's memorable bass lines on 'Killing in the Name,' Tom Morello's guitar gymnastics on 'Bullet in the Head' and Zack de la Rocha's in-your-face delivery on 'Bombtrack' all initially went unnoticed until the single 'Freedom' finally broke the barriers for the band. The group followed in 1996 with the 'Evil Empire' disc, an album that yielded the powerful 'People of the Sun,' the anthemic 'Bulls on Parade' and such standouts as 'Vietnow,' 'Down Rodeo,' 'Year of tha Boomerang' and 'Tire Me.'

The group continued their successful run in 1999 with 'The Battle of Los Angeles.' Now bonafide radio rockers, the band enjoyed major play for such songs as 'Testify,' 'Guerilla Radio,' and 'Sleep Now in the Fire,' while 'Calm Like a Bomb' and 'No Shelter' also enjoyed success. As the next decade began, Rage Against the Machine issued their 'Renegades' covers album and called it a career. 'Renegades' featured the single 'Renegades of Funk' and also included such impressive covers as 'How I Could Just Kill a Man,' 'Kick Out the Jams,' 'Microphone Fiend,' 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' and 'Maggie's Farm' among others.

So there you have it … three original albums and a covers disc from Rage Against the Machine that made them one of the most influential acts of their time. Now it's your turn to let your voice be heard. Tell us your favorite Rage Against the Machine album in the Readers Poll below: