On Sept. 4, 2001, System of a Down issued 'Toxicity,' one of the top metal albums of the 21st Century. This Readers Poll reflects on that disc and asks you to name your favorite song off the 'Toxicity' album.

The frenetically-paced 'Chop Suey!' led off the record, proving to be one of the catchiest songs ever that virtually no one but Serj Tankian could accurately sing the words to. The dichotomy of the album's title track followed -- melodic and moody one minute, hard-hitting the next. And the Middle Eastern-flavored 'Aerials' also enjoyed success at radio.

Meanwhile, tracks like hyperactive 'Psycho,' album opener 'Prison Song,' and the brutal 'Needles' also struck a chord with fans of the band.

Take a look at the full System of a Down 'Toxicity' track listing and vote for your favorite song off the album in our Readers Poll below: