On Oct. 19, 1993, Pearl Jam faced the unenviable task of following up their huge-selling debut disc 'Ten' with the sophomore set, 'Vs.' As time has shown, 'Vs.' has held up as one of the albums that has warded off the dreaded "sophomore slump" and become a classic disc in its own right. This Readers Poll asks you to tell us which song off the 'Vs.' album is your favorite.

Both the album and the singles cycle began with the high energy but gritty track 'Go,' soon followed by the massive hit 'Daughter,' a track that spent eight weeks at No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The funk-laden 'Animal' initially started as an instrumental before Vedder decided to add a powerful vocal take to the track. It went on to be the third single from the disc. And the band finished out their releases from the album by issuing the fan-favorite 'Dissident.'

Even though four songs were released from the album, there were still several more that have become Pearl Jam staples over the years. The frenetic rocker 'Rearviewmirror,' the catchy 'Glorified G' and the moody sing-along 'Elderly Women Behind the Counter in a Small Town' remain a crucial part of the band's catalog. Add in tracks like 'W.M.A.,' 'Blood,' 'Rats,' 'Leash' and the intimate album closer 'Indifference,' and Pearl Jam's 'Vs.' is a classic disc from front-to-back.

It's not an easy choice for sure, but it's now time for you to do your part and vote for your favorite song off of the Pearl Jam 'Vs.' album in the Readers Poll below: