There's no doubt that Metallica are one of the biggest bands in the world, but is there a stage that could hold them as well as several other major acts? Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich would like to try, suggesting to MTV News in an interview that he would love to play a tour with U2 and Green Day, making for a massive triple bill. This Readers Poll asks if you would actually want to see this trek.

On one hand, you have three of the biggest bands in the world. You would normally pay top dollar to see any of these acts perform individually and usually in places like stadiums as each band easily commands enough fans to fill up the biggest venues. So the possibility of seeing all three in one place in one day is something that would be hard to pass up.

On the other hand, you have three acts that likely have very different audiences. Metallica would draw the metalheads, Green Day attract the pop/punk fans and U2 are decidedly more mainstream rock. So unless you had varied tastes, the full bill may not be for you. Not to mention the cost attached to the tickets given each band's status would likely be quite considerable making the triple bill something you would really have to love in order to pay the hefty fee to purchase a ticket.

We stress that Ulrich is only speculating that this is a tour he would like to see happen and nothing is definite, but should Metallica team with U2 and Green Day, is this a tour you would go see? Vote in our Readers Poll below: