While Metallica gave us four songs in advance of releasing the 72 Seasons album, many fans have been anxiously hopping on the album closer "Inamorata." It now serves as the longest Metallica song ever and as the one warranting the most discussion by fans online after the album's release.

"'Inamorata,' having a love affair with misery," says James Hetfield in Metallica's track-by-track breakdown video (seen below). "A long classic song that screamed out to end the album. Really, really cool riffs in it, really great groove. I love the way it rounds this thing out."

Clocking in at an impressive 11:10, the song definitely takes listeners on a journey, with fans digging into the guitar riffs as well as Robert Trujillo's bass work within the track.

Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong says of the track, "'Inamorata' is officially Metallica's longest song in their catalog, even longer than Load's 'The Outlaw Torn,' which infamously had to be shortened due to the audio restrictions of the compact disc. More than the length, though, 'Inamorata' stands out as a true epic that takes the listener on a journey through a love/hate relationship with misery. Robert Trujillo has talked about the Black Sabbath influence in the song, particularly around the 5:20 mark when things slow down for a moment and he highlights his deep respect for Geezer Butler. James Hetfield recently said this track 'screamed out to end the album,' calling it a 'classic song.'"

It should be noted that Loudwire Nights will be digging into Metallica's full interview with journalist David Fricke tonight (April 14) on the Loudwire Nights radio program, where they'll also be playing the entire 72 Seasons album. Listen on your nearest available local radio station or stream Loudwire Nights live right here from 7PM-12AM ET.

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But now that the album is out, what are the fans saying about "Inamorata"? "Inamorata ... Jesus Christ that is peak Metallica," wrote one fan. "Wow, more songs like 'Inamorata' please. That was the best one," chimed in another. Yet another referred to it as "godlike" and another offered that the song "almost made me cry." Not everyone was on board though, as one fan called it "a disaster" and another added that it was "the most boring metal song ever."

Take a listen to the song yourself and see what you think. Then check out some of the responses to the "Inamorata" below. And be sure to get your Metallica tickets, hopefully playing "Inamorata" live, right here.

Metallica, "Inamorata"

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