Okay! It's finally out. We recently had our say, but what does everyone else think about Metallica's 72 Seasons album?

Metallica first started teasing a new album back in November of last year, revealing that their new album would be titled 72 Seasons and giving us the first taste of new music in "Lux Aeterna." In January, the band then followed with the more message-driven "Screaming Suicide," And then as the calendar was about to flip on March, they gave us the high energy "72 Seasons" title track.

While there was the usual amount of fan dissection, with some going as far as to dig into Lars Ulrich's isolated drumming, swapping out James Hetfield's vocal and replacing Kirk Hammett's "Lux Aeterna" solo (something the guitarist took in stride with a laugh), for the most part the response was very positive on the first three songs.

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That brings us to today with the newly released 72 Seasons album, which audiences can now listen to as a whole artistic piece of work. Some fans have been filling up theaters for listening parties across the country, while others have been waiting for the album to hit streaming or stepping up at the record store to be among the first to check out the record.

So what's the early consensus? See a sampling of responses on Metallica's 72 Seasons album below. And be sure to catch Metallica on tour in support of the new album. Dates can be found here. We'll continue to update reactions into Friday morning.

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