Simply put, concert tickets don't come cheap. And we've all run into some difficult decisions when it comes to seeing our favorite bands. But one enterprising Slayer fan has gone to hilarious extremes in his attempt to see the band during their performance at The Forum in Los Angeles next month.

A guy named Jake has decided to sell his car in order to raise money for tickets, but rather than taking out an ad in a paper or putting a sign in the vehicle's window, he's used his video skills to shoot a near perfect spoof of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial.

The spot starts off much like McConaughey's commercial as a vehicle cruises over a bridge in a dimly lit part of Los Angeles while the narration begins, "Sometimes you've gotta make changes to move forward." But as we scan in on the driver, it's not McConaughey we see, but a man discussing his desire to see Slayer and making the decision to part with his '97 Ford Escort.

In the clip, we see sparks fly as the car bottoms out on a high spot in the road and there appears to be a backfire toward the end of the clip, as the information comes up that the vehicle will be sold for the best offer. Watch the awesome video above and if you're interested in the 1997 Ford Escort LX that comes with "3 newish tires, new floor mats and vintage Forest Green paint," reach out to

Check out Slayer's full list of North American tour dates here.

Watch 'So You Think You Know Slayer?'

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