Don't get Famous Last Words frontman JT angry! You wouldn't like him when he's angry … only when he sings angry! Noisecreep is bringing you the exclusive premiere of the video for 'The Show Must Go On,' which features the tortured vocalist delivering a dastardly performance while holding a young woman captive.

The video itself opens with the tormented frontman hovering over an unconscious female body in a darkened warehouse and tying her up as he delivers such ominously haunting lines as, "I must accept these consequences for my actions when all I did was what the world told me to do / And do anything for my dreams, if only I knew the cost of my dreams, AKA you … would be you."

As the girl in the clip regains consciousness we begin to see that it may not be JT that is her biggest threat, as his "inner demon" has emerged to torment and egg on the singer in his actions. The battle of wills allows the object of his affection to escape momentarily, but will anyone truly be leaving this warehouse alive? That's for you to watch and find out. The clip for 'The Show Must Go On' can be seen below.

'The Show Must Go On, Part 1' is one of the standout cuts on the Joey Sturgis and Nick Sampson-produced 'Two-Faced Charade' album released by the band earlier this spring. The disc is currently available via iTunes. The band just finished the 'Generation Now' trek and you can look for more dates coming later this year.

Watch Famous Last Words 'The Show Must Go On' Video