So much for being 'Fashionably Late.' Falling in Reverse are falling in line with the trend of previewing a new album ahead of its release in order to boost potential interest in sales. The group's 'Fashionably Late' album arrives next Tuesday (June 18) and they're now giving audiences a sneak peek of the disc (as heard below).

The band is streaming the album online via the Epitaph Records YouTube channel, giving fans a chance to fully embrace the record before picking it up. The group has already given two songs some early play. They issued the video for 'Alone' last month and they're currently promoting the title track as their latest single.

In celebration of the new album, the band has booked The Roxy in Los Angeles on June 18 for a special concert / release party. Those who can't make it to Hollywood can still catch the show as the band will live stream the entire performance at their website. Watch the band teasing the webcast performance details and explaining how to gain entry here.

Falling in Reverse are coming off a Top 20 debut for their 'The Drug in Me Is You' and hope to improve upon the sales with their latest disc. Pre-orders are currently being taken at both iTunes and the band's online webstore.

Listen to Falling in Reverse's 'Fashionably Late' Album