After seven years of honing their savage blend of death metal and metalcore, Impending Doom have never sounded as assured as they do on 'Baptized in Filth,' their fourth studio album. Produced by Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder) and mixed by Machine (Lamb of God), 'Baptized in Filth' finds the Riverside, Calif. group sitting in the same league as their peers in All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence and Whitechapel.

"This record is a lot darker. It's scary and eerie sounding," notes vocalist and co-founding Impending Doom member Brook Reeves. "What we've wanted to capture with most of our stuff - from our sound to our appearance, artwork and stage presentation - is an overall tone [drawing from] the darker side of music. There's some experimentation and newer elements that we've introduced on this album as well."

Since Impending Doom are already road warriors, and will undoubtedly spend most of the 2012 out on the road in support of 'Baptized in Filth,' Noisecreep asked bassist David Sittig for some tips for the struggling touring musicians out there.

Five Things to Do When You're Broke As Hell on Tour

by Impending Doom's David Sitting

#1 Eat the catering the venue serves everyday so that way you can save your per diems for a time when it's really needed.

#2 Three words' "McDonald's Dollar Menu."

#3 Exchange a fat burrito from Chipotle for a guest list spot at tonight's show.

#4 Have a rider that the venue supplies each day and take whatever left overs with you.

#5 And last but not least, if you're really broke its always more filling and cost effective to just go shopping once a week and have food in the trailer like PB&J, chips, cup of noodles, etc...

Impending Doom's 'Baptized in Filth' is available now via eOne at iTunes and Amazon.

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