When Extreme reunited a couple years ago, the band didn't have any clear direction except to not become a 'nostalgia act.' Instead of touring behind classic albums, the band members wrote and released 'Saudades de Rock' and then hit the road for the Take Us Alive Tour.

The trek was the band's first large-scale, worldwide event since 1995, and they needed a way to document that success. Enter the new live album and DVD combo appropriately titled 'Take Us Alive.' This is the band's first official live CD/DVD release, and even the members don't know why they waited so long to release such a package.

"Back in the day, we did record the 'Pornograffiti' tour, and we were going to make a documentary way back when," admits Extreme singer Gary Cherone. "But why? Management changes, you move on to different things, different records, and it just got buried. And why we didn't do it when we toured is beyond me. But it is obvious that I think every time we go on tour from now on, we'll document it. It wasn't because of money or anything. I just don't understand why we didn't, because Extreme prides itself on being a band that performs. So hallelujah, we finally did! We're excited about it, too."

Above sounding and looking good, Cherone says everyone in Extreme is excited about the release. The live CD/DVD features songs and footage recorded from the band's Aug. 8, 2009 performance at the House of Blues in Boston.

Continues Cherone, "We're ecstatic about finally putting out a DVD and a double live CD. We grew up with Kiss 'Alive!' and Aerosmith 'Live Bootleg,' all the live records. So, not to compare it -- because they'll always be our heroes -- but to have our own, being a part of our catalog, a live record and ... OK, 20 years later, but we still got one. It came in under the gun, but we got one. We're excited. And I don't know how many people will buy it; I'm sure our fans will. But it's going to be in the eclipse forever now because of the Internet. So once it comes out, that live stuff will be discovered for the sort of people looking for YouTube [clips]."

But what is on 'Take Us Alive'? All the Extreme staples, including 'Rest in Peace,' 'More Than Words,' 'Hole Hearted,' 'Get the Funk Out' and many more. The DVD also contains four unreleased bonus videos from 'Saudades de Rock,' including 'King of the Ladies,' 'Interface,' 'Run' and 'Ghost.'

'Take Us Alive' hits U.S. shelves on May 4 via Frontiers.