The folks at Scion A/V keep pushing their crusade to help spread the word on independent metal throughout the web. In their latest endeavor, the company is rolling out a monthly event in Los Angeles called the 'Scion Label Showcase' where they feature a label and host live show for some of its artists. If that wasn't already cool enough, Scion A/V will also be issuing a free live album culled from each event.

The first showcase was held this past November at The Roxy in Hollywood, and focused on Nuclear Blast and included 30-minute sets from Exodus, All Shall Perish, Origin, and Decrepit Birth.

In the exclusive Noisecreep premiere, we've partnered with Scion A/V to bring you Exodus' three blistering live tracks from the first label showcase mentioned above.

Listen to Exodus' 'Scion A/V' Live Performance

The next 'Scion Label Showcase' is happening tomorrow, Jan. 14, at The Roxy in Hollywood, and will feature Prosthetic Records recording artists Holy Grail, Scale the Summit, Last Chance to Reason, and The Greenery. Click here for more info on this free event.