Fred Dust is starting 2012 with a full-body cleanse, but two weeks into what promises to be a 60-day juice fast, he's hitting some snags.

"The diet has been challenging to say the least," the Limp Bizkit singer wrote Jan. 12 on the Tumblr he's created to chart his progress. "I haven't seen any significant results yet. That's why I haven't been very excited to post anything."

As Rolling Stone points out, Durst's posts have grown "increasingly sporadic and distressed," and on the fourth day, he copped to breaking his cleanse and eating an oatmeal cookie. A day before that, he admitted that he'd sneaked a few M&Ms.

If the 'Break Stuff' singer sounds about ready to smash his juicer, the Jan. 12 post offers reasons to believe he'll make it through.

"I am about 2 lbs lights and definitely feeling better internally," Durst wrote. "My thoughts are clear and inspired, but I'm discouraged in some ways. I guess it's my own personal baggage that's lugging around behind me. All comes to the forefront on a diet like this. Bullocks."

As of today, Jan. 16, his plan is to "dive into a heavy cardio, sit ups, and weights." Stay tuned to see whether he sticks to fruits and veggies or goes on another candy binge.

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