East of the WallNew Jersey's East of the Wall grabbed attention earlier this year for their split release with Rosetta and Year of No Light, so with very little wait, the forward-pressed post-metallars have their sophomore full-length 'Ressentiment,' their first for Translation Loss, due July 20. Primarily known for being instrumental, letting moods shift as melodies build, 'Ressentiment' is a change of pace as more voice has been added -- but in no means is this a change in direction.

Produced by Will Putney (Lamb of God/Clutch), the many facets of the band are fully captured, beautiful yet harmoniously destructive while songs like 'Ocean of Water' display the prog heartbeat and vicious dynamics that have made the band one to watch since their debut last year.

'Ressentiment' track list

1. 'The Ladder'

2. 'Salieri'

3. 'Fool's Errand'

4. 'A Wisp of Tow'

5. 'Ocean of Water'

6. 'It's Always Worth While Speaking to a Clever Man'

7. 'Fleshmaker'

8. 'Maybe I'm Malaised'

9. 'A Long Defeat'

10. 'Gordian Corridor'

11. 'Handshake in Your Mouth'

12. 'Don't Stop Bereaving'

13. 'Beasteater'

East of the Wall are currently on tour with Name.

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