Jesse Hughes, frontman of the Josh Homme project Eagles of Death Metal, is making a go of it alone with his debut solo album. Hughes will release the as-yet untitled album this fall under the Boots Electric name via Dangerbird Records. Hughes is currently slaving away on the project in Dangerbird's Los Angeles studio. The album will include material co-penned by Money Mark, a peripheral member of the Beastie Boys.

"The decision to work with Dangerbird beyond mere management was a relatively easy one. A decision that made itself," Hughes explained in an official statement. "Reaching beyond the basics, we've become personal friends and I've never been so supportive in my exploration of music as an art - whatever that is - and supported in a way that should be, but never is. Not to mention the team of actual people, not robots."

Dangerbird CEO and co-founder Jeff Castelaz, who manages Hughes, also gushed about the duo's continued partnership. "I've witnessed the raw power and beauty that is embodied in Mr. Jesse Hughes," said Castelaz. "Seeing him coax the Boots Electric genie out of the bottle has been incredible. I can't wait for this album to be unleashed on the world."

Watch a video of Jesse Hughes on LA Ink

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