Chelsea Girls

Allison Robertson is a name that shouldn't be unfamiliar to Noisecreep readers. The Los Angeles-based guitar goddess has been a member of the Donnas since their inception way back in 1993. These days, Robertson is also playing in the more metal leaning Chelsea Girls. The all-female cover band also features ex or current members of groups like Hole, Nashville Pussy and Eagles of Death Metal.

Heshers on the West Coast might have already caught one of Chelsea Girls' incendiary live shows already where they whip out classics from everyone like Danzig to Ratt. Noisecreep caught up with the busy Robertson and asked her which artists she would like to see jump onstage with the band.

You've had everyone from Macy Gray to Ratt's Stephen Pearcy join the band on stage so far. Do you have a wish list of musicians you would still love to see come jam with the group?

Yes, we did make a wish list back when we first formed the group. It's got everyone from David Lee Roth to Kiss members to Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith to Billy Gibbons to Mick Jagger, Rob Halford to Celine Dion to the Bee Gees!

The entire feel of the band seems to look back at the Sunset Strip glory days in the mid-'80s. The band puts on a killer live show and you've put time into the way you look. Do you feel like we're missing out on the decadent fun of the era these days?

I think we all appreciate the decadence of that era but the beauty of today is that we can take inspiration from those bands, as well as the [Rolling Stones] or the Beatles, or '70s glam or disco and not have to be part of one single scene.

We'll play devil's advocate for a second. What do you say to people who might say that the Chelsea Girls' sexed-up image sets women back in the rock world?

That question has come up most of my career, and all I ever have to say to that is that a woman (or man) can dress and present themselves how ever they feel comfortable. If they're a killer player and look fantastic then that is icing on the cake. It's a personal choice and I know that although I've experimented with many looks onstage, I always end up choosing comfort over discomfort every time because playing well is always my top priority!

Have you encountered any negative feedback in that regard?

Actually no! I think the ladies in the band are such proficient and professional musicians that it would be pretty silly of someone to attack anyone for looking good or not shaving our heads.

When the four of you get in the rehearsal room together, do you ever get a chance to work on any original material?

So far not yet.

Have you been approached to do a reality show yet? The group and the circle of people you hang around would make for a fun show.

Ideas akin to this one have been tossed around and offered to us, yes (laughter)!

Are you still playing in the Donnas, and what else can we expect musically from the other ladies in the Chelsea Girls?

Yes, I am working on new material for a new Donnas album right now as a matter of fact, as well as a top secret project with my sister Emily. Samantha writes and produces artists, Corey makes exquisite high-end fashion pieces and hand-made leather goods and Tuesdae is working on a rock opera, 'Victory,' as well as new material with her metal act Huntress.

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