Adele's smash hit "Hello" has reached just about everyone on the planet by now and even Zakk Wylde has been bit by the bug. The famed axeman has uploaded a video (seen above) to his Facebook page lip-syncing the single. For a man who is as gruff as Wylde, it showcases a heart-warming moment and the metal warrior's soft side... well, almost!

Sporting a Black Label Society beanie with furry ears sticking out from the top and his iconic beard, the frontman hits play and mouths the opening words "Hello, it's me." Before he can utter another word, a fist smashes him in the face a la Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power. Offscreen and from the floor, Wylde, in a disgusted tone, says, "That'll be enough of that." We're guessing he wasn't one of over 7 million people who purchased Adele's album, 25.

Even if it was in a mocking fashion, Wylde still acknowledged the song, demonstrating the depth of its reach. The song has penetrated the rock community already as Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez recorded an acoustic version of "Hello." Master of cover songs and versatility Anthony Vincent unleashed another installment of his "Ten Second Songs" adapting different styles to the single. He runs the gamut across the full musical spectrum, but made room for some heavier elements with nods to Deftones, Alice in Chains, Guns N' Roses and Dimmu Borgir.

Now that we know there's no risk of Zakk playing pop music, we can focus on his dazzling guitar playing. He's known for his signature "bullseye" guitar and has headed up his own guitar company under Wylde Audio. His partnership with Schecter will see him launch three signature axes, Odin, War Hammer and Viking in 2016.

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