It's not every day that Noisecreep gets to cover a band from Vienna, but here we are with Dragony. Formed in 2008, the sextet are symphonic Power Metal specialists, in the same musical spirit as groups like Kamelot and Nightwish.

After a late 2011 European release, Dragony is finally issuing their debut album, Legends, in North America on Aug. 14. The album features guest appearances from members of Primal Fear, Ecliptica, Siren's Cry, and Serenity.

Since we've never covered Dragony on Noisecreep before, we're including a stream of the band's "Burning Skies" track below. Check the song out and let us know what you think!

Listen to "Burning Skies"

Dragony vocalist Siegfried Samer says the following about "Burning Skies":

"If I had to describe the song in one sentence, I'd probably say that the song is a classic, fast-paced Power Metal song with a great chorus that takes no prisoners by featuring the incomparable Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear on guest vocals."


Legends will hit stores on Aug. 14 via LIMB Music.