There was a bit of confusion when the break up and make up of Dr. Acula went down sometime last week. The Long Island-based band tends to go on a first-name-only basis, and its ex-guitarist Lou reached recently discussed the situation. He stated that in addition to his departure, he was joined by vocalist Pete and bassist Rob, and that Bill (guitar) was the only remaining member of the band. Still agitated towards Uprising Records for not having released their year-old sophomore record, he also said the band's management "and the other members refuse to take our names off the Myspace in case it affects the new records sales."

In their defense, the current lineup of Dr. Acula say that Pete remains friends with the band, but diplomatically state that Rob and Lou left at the height of pressure from touring and impatience towards their shifty record release date. They also added: "S--- happens deal with it ... They thought the band was going to be done with. They wanted to sell the van and call our tour manager to tell him it's over." After that tour in the fall, the band quickly fell apart and reformed with its new cast of characters, but the updated image of the band's future has yet to be laid out for the whole public.

Regardless of the online bantering, the current Dr. Acula says that, "They moved on. We moved on. We are here to stay." And they plan to release a new record in January, followed bya big tour with ABACABB shortly thereafter.

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