Eating healthy while touring is an Olympic swimming pool-sized challenge for musicians. Noshing on a healthy, nutritious meal is next to impossible. "I am trying to not eat s---ty," Dirge Within guitarist Shaun Glass told Noisecreep while on the road in Florida. "I am trying not to do the 2 AM thing at the truck stop, eating a burger before going to bed!"

Glass is trying to stay healthy while on his tour with Fear Factory by nixing carbs and bread, especially in the nighttime hours. "I eat a lot of grilled chicken, and I stretch and work out before we play," Glass said. "I am trying to have fun. There is enough negativity in life, and being a touring musician, you can get away from negativity and enjoy life and be positive."

In addition to trying to live a healthy lifestyle on the road, Dirge Within are also playing new and different songs each week on their tours to keep things fresh. Glass says his new band keeps him upbeat, too! "After leaving Soil, I just wanted to learn to enjoy my surroundings," the guitarist said. "That is how I live my life. Dirge gave me a fresh outlook on a jaded industry. I am happier above ground than I would be below."

Even though he split with Soil years ago, Glass has recently been in contact with his former bandmates, which he says is like his tour eating habits: healthy. "It's a healthier situation between us," Glass said. "Tim King recently had some issues, and I got in touch with him and we've been talking and he is my friend at the end of the day, beyond the bulls---. I care about the guy and always will. We just grew apart. They do their thing. I do mine, and I am happy."

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