All you have to do is click that trusty "like" button in order to grab a free download of Dirge Within's muck-raking cover of Entombed's 'Wolverine Blues.' Guitarist Shaun Glass, who did time in Soil for many years before returning to his more metallic roots with Dirge Within, told Noisecreep that the band recorded a "balls to the wall" rendition of this song by the mighty Swedish metal gods Entombed.

Glass said, "'Lethal' is all I can say about this song and now, after hearing the final version, I think it came out sick. That being said, Entombed is one of my all time fave bands and I think we did it justice!"

Listen to 'Wolverine Blues' from Dirge Within

The cover was produced by the band and Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios in Illinois. Go here to download the song and judge for yourself whether or not Dirge Within, who are free agents after splitting with eOne, did justice to an Entombed masterwork.

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