If you dare to name yourself after a Slayer album, you should at least rage like a rabid squirrel. Maybe that's why Pamplona, Spain's biggest goth metal band switched up the spelling and chose to call themselves Diabululs in Musica instead of 'Diabolus in Musica,' the title of Slayer's 1998 album.

Actually, Diabulus in Musica sound kind of like a cross between Magica and Lacuna Coil. Their debut album, 'Secrets,' which comes out May 25 on Metal Blade Records, is equal parts power metal euphoria, gothic gloom and melodic death metal. The disc was engineered by Spanish producer Iñaki Llarena, mixed by ex-Epica guitarist Ad Sluijter and mastered by Sascha Paeth, Simon Oberender and Michael 'Miro' Rodenberg at the Gate studios in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Diabulus in Musica have posted the first single from 'Secrets,' 'Come to Paradise,' on their MySpace. "This is one of our favorite songs from the album," says vocalist Zuberora. "Actually, it's the second one we've written, so it's kinda special for us. It's full of energy, and we never get tired of it. This is why we thought that 'Come to Paradise' was the most suitable song to open 'Secrets.'"

'Secrets' track list

1. 'Renaissance'

2. 'Come to Paradise'

3. 'Nocturnal Flowers'

4. 'Evolution's Whim'

5. 'New Era'

6. 'Lies in your Eyes'

7. 'Lonely Soul'

8. 'The Seventh Gate'

9. 'Ishtar'

10. 'Under the Shadow (of a Butterfly)'

11. 'Beyond Infinity'

12. 'The Forest of Ashes'

13. 'St. Michael's Nightmare'