Los Angeles metalcore outfit Devil You Know served up their sophomore album They Bleed Red back in November and have just released their third single by way of a lyric video for "Your Last Breath." The song is a moody one, setting the tone for Howard Jones' biting lyrics.

Opening with an eerie synthesizer part that gives way to a sorrow-filled guitar lead, the atmosphere is carefully crafted before the melodic alternate picking and push and pull rhythm opens up the verse. The intensity slowly picks up with each line and the sweeping hook of the chorus beckons Jones' familiar body of work constructing unforgettable vocal melodies.

The band increase the tempo in the bridge with a swinging rhythm providing the landscape for Francesco Artusato's guitar solo. Building to the climax, the tempo gets even faster with a speed-picked lead and Jones' harsh screams that crash back into the grandiose chorus. A second round of soloing ensues with the band playing at full tilt before a thunderous chug comes back in to swiftly deconstruct the towering musical bliss.

Devil You Know wrapped up a North American tour in October in support of Italian gothic metallers Lacuna Coil. Shortly after, they departed for Europe opening for Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach. The band's jaunt was cut short as they made the decision to return home following the terrorist attacks at Le Bataclan in Paris. Five Finger Death Punch were the subject of a rumor that another attack was being planned at one of their European shows, which undoubtedly had a hand in Devil You Know's decision.

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