The Destro

News broke yesterday that the Destro's bassist disappeared. Or did he? It was previously reported that Brad Kirkland vanished before their recent St. Louis show, and the Destro canceled their set minutes before they were to take the stage. "I had no idea ... we were gonna be in the middle of a 'heavy metal amber alert'," Emde said in a recent press statement.

After about 24 hours of confusion and rumors, guitarist Nick Emde and drummer Jono came forward today and cleared everything up. Kirkland actually left the Destro a month prior while the band was passing through Texas, leaving without neither a mention nor message. "He had never done any real touring before, and his perspective of it wasn't realistic," said Emde and Jono, "It's too bad, because all he needed to do was play bass and enjoy the ride with no other responsibility."

The band continued on without him, playing as a trio or having Dies Today's tech Denny step in, but it was too much hassle to continue the tour.

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