In a second astounding week for music this past week many big names in metal took the cake this past week on the charts. With some notable debuts compiled by the Metal Insider team, the long time act Alice in Chains came in with a 5 debut on the charts , the most brutal toons in Metalocalypse's Dethklok came in with a recorded 45,000 sold in its first week, and the self -titled release for Hatebreed came in at 37 this week with 15,000 units at new label home E1 Records. Can the third time be a charm for metal releases in stores? Only you can make that happen, so check out these new albums available in retail stores.

Baroness -- 'Blue Album' -- Relapse
The latest from the sludge metal ensemble from Savannah, Ga., this album is multifunctional in not only amazing tunes, but teaching kids colors for school! Ok now really; this album has been anticipated for sometime and finally available in stores and streaming online, the band manages to fine tune the art of long melodic progressions with that accented Southern twang in such tunes including 'A Horse Called Golgotha.' And if that's not enough incentive to purchase the album, don't overlook the beautifully crafted artwork provided by lead vocalist John Baizley as well. From appearance to sound, this is an album to get this week.

Skeletonwitch -- 'Breathing the Fire' -- Prosthetic
Another amazing album is coming in from the other side of the metal spectrum, from the Athens, Ohio Skeletonwitch this week. In the vein of traditional thrash laced with black metal vocals, this album evokes that metal can be heavy as f---, old school in its moniker as well as fun all at once. Currently on the road right now with Black Dahlia Murder, Toxic Holocaust and Trap Them make no hesitation when picking up this album.

Dead by Sunrise -- 'Out of Ashes' -- Warner Bros.
For those secret (or not so secret) electro fans in the metal community, an album that's worth checking out comes from the Venice, Calif.-based Dead By Sunrise. With Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington at the microphone again for this side project, their debut album carries a modern rock sound with dark, eletronic undertones weaved into it. If you've been a long time supporter of Linkin Park this album is right up your alley.

Living Hell -- 'Oblivion' -- Eulogy
Taking the stage this past weekend at Youngblood Fest in Lemoyne, Pa., hardcore metallers Living Hell release their debut album this week. Fusing the backbone of hardcore beats with hard hitting metal undertones and lyrical content of human damnation, who wouldn't want to pick this up? Another release for ears and eyes of hungry metalheads, be sure to pick it up this week.

The Destro -- 'Harmony of Discord' -- Ironclad/Metal Blade
Coming out with their second full-length release on Ironclad Recordings, the newest from the Destro has proven that this isn't just some "metal band" but underdogs tried and true. Through the writing and recording process of this album, the band had faced trials and tribulations which channeled into their music collectively bringing you their branded "old school brutal style" with a suckerpunch that leaves you wanting more. Don't forget to pick up this beauty this week.

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