Horror death metal supergroup Denial Field will contribute the title track to the new horror movie 'Afterparty Massacre,' the band's guitarist Sam Williams (Massacre, Down by Law) revealed to Noisecreep.

"The drummer for Incantation, [Kyle Severn], is involved with it," Williams said. "It's gonna have some pretty hardcore sex scenes in it, and it's gonna be about a death metal show gone awry. Somehow everyone gets locked inside, and there's this crazy [female] killer that runs around slaughtering people."

Severn and Kristoff (Horrormerch.com/Spookygirls.com) co-wrote the film, which includes live performances by Incantation and Acheron (Severn's other band), and both bands are writing new songs for the production. Shooting is scheduled to begin later this month and the tentative release date is May.

The soundtrack for 'Afterparty Massacre' will include music by 16volt, Asphyx, Cardiac Arrest, Crucifier, Denial Fiend, Divine Eve, Estuary, Fatalist, Funerus, Goreaphobia, Gravehill, Luxury Pushers, Master, Pentacle and Ventana.

"The music itself really makes the scenes," Severn said. "It really completes the soundscape for a total massacre. We plan on releasing a CD of the bands featured in the movie via Ibex Moon around the time of the release of the film as well."

In addition to gore and metal, 'Afterparty Massacre' will have numerous extreme characters engaging in dangerous sideshow stunts. "We've hooked up with a suspension crew, and we're bringing in a few friends of ours to do up some fire/piercing/grinding performances as well." Kristoff said. "We'll have guys suspended by hooks flying through the air, girls fire breathing, girls with split tongues, guys with all sorts of different body modifications and performance piercings everywhere. Having this dangerous attraction will be a great addition to this movie for sure."

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