Metal flows pretty heavy in the night's veins of New York City. Gravehill's frontman Mike Abominator became aware of the little known fact when the California-based death metallers played Fontanas on July 13 with Animals Killing People, Cardiac Arrest and Goreaphobia. "We're in a basement, under a bar, in Chinatown on a Tuesday night," Mr. Abominator proudly stated. To him, New York and his home Los Angeles share a couple of qualities, too: jerks and smelly streets. "This guy flipped me off, called my mother a whore and me a f-----. I love New York!"

The bald and bloody vocalist wore spiked leather from his chest to his shins. When he sang songs like 'Satan Worshipper,' he didn't just sing them. He stared right at you, pointed and made you believe you were a damned devil worshipper. 'Satan Worshipper' was also the one song he thought the entire room could relate to. Because, you know, that's what metalheads do.

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

With a campaign for death metal purity -- as the band's cross-country trek was titled -- Gravehill are about high energy songs that make you raise your fist in celebration of evil riffs. And they stay true to their old school death metal monikers. "And here is a mountain of death metal, kicking ass with his beats," Abominator said as he introduced drummer Thorgrimm. He said so right before calling himself the friendly neighborhood Abominator. The band also includes bassist Jason Corpsemolester, guitarists Bodybag Bob and Hellfiend.

Gravehill's latest effort, 'Rites of the Pentagram,' is available through Ibex Moon Records. You can also check out Cardiac Arrest's 'Haven for the Insane' and Goreaphobia's 'Mortal Repulsion.'

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