Esteemed death metal vets Asphyx have set Necroceros as the title of their forthcoming 10th album, which will be released on Jan. 22 of next year. Up first for a taste of what's coming next is "Botox Implosion," which the Netherlands' group just debuted a music video for.

Asphyx were among the earliest pioneers of the doom-laced death metal style, capable of slowing their relentless assault down to a bone-crunching crawl. Even in this trademark style, they never shy from dishing out more red-lined tracks, which is what we've got here with "Botox Implosion."

"We actually wanted to film this on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., where most of the pathetic subjects of this song have their residence," said howling frontman Martin van Drunen. "But due to the pandemic, it was best not to fly over to the USA," he lamented.

The vocalist went on, "Since it's a fast-shredding song and written in the typical humorous death metal gore tradition, we put a few laughable elements in it. Fortunately, good old Turock in Essen was so friendly to let us film there and while we're usually not that keen on shooting videos, with this one, we had quite some fun. Still, it is a helluva brutal tune!"

Watch the video for "Botox Implosion" below and follow along with these lyrics:

Booming business
Med-spa industry
Leeches preying
On low self-esteem

Insecure adolescents
Mentally unstable souls
Faded celebrities

Refusing to get old
Omnipresent media
TV and Internet
Defining attractiveness
Idiotic standards set

Fake depressions
Whining teens
Obsessed with beauty
Drama kings and queens

Appointment at the clinic
Plastic surgery
Desirable physical traits
Cosmetic procedures
Breast augmentation
Silicone implants
Botox injections

Into the OR
Improving life
General anesthesia
Under the knife

Black market fillers
Incapable quack
Cheap materials
Causing skin to crack

Gaining consciousness
Finally that day
Tell-tale mirror
Rot and decay

Bodily implosions
Putrid nipples leaking pus
No parading the boulevards
Just contempt and disgust
Instead of perfection
In everlasting decline
Human toxic Waste
Bride of Frankenstein

Necroceros was recorded at Tom Meier Studio as well as guitarist Paul Baayen's The Mörserstudio and was mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann at Greenman Studios. Pre-order the album here (note: U.S. vinyl will be available Feb. 12) and view the album art and track listing further down the page.

Asphyx, "Botox Implosion"

AsphyxNecroceros Album Art + Track Listing

Century Media
Century Media

01. "The Sole Cure is Death"
02. "Molten Black Earth"
03. "Mount Skull"
04. "Knights Templar Stand"
05. "Three Years of Famine"
06. "Botox Implosion"
07. "In Blazing Oceans"
08. "The Nameless Elite"
09. "Yield or Die"
10. "Necroceros"

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