Every person supposedly has a doppelganger -- someone who looks exactly like them. In the case of Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark, his doppelganger is 'Sons of Anarchy' star Ryan Hurst. Clark and Hurst recently teamed up for a photo shoot for Artist Series Guitars through a series of what can only be described as the happiest of accidents.

"I've been told that I look like Ryan Hurst probably a half-dozen times," Clark told Noisecreep. "Ultimately, I think the connection comes from the obvious beard, but also the black beanie that Hurst usually wears on 'Sons of Anarchy.' I have a very similar beanie that I wear pretty much every day. The first few times it was brought to my attention, I hadn't seen the show... so naturally, out of curiosity, I started to watch it. Needless to say, I'm now hooked." Clark said that Opie, played by Hurst, became his favorite character on the show.

Clark and his wife were already "hooked" on the show when he hooked up with Hurst for the guitar ad. Turns out, a little six degrees of separation was at play. Vijay Kumar, who owns and operates ASG, is launching an exclusive Demon Hunter guitar. While visiting Seattle with his wife, he met up with the Clarks. "While we were shooting the breeze, Vijay and his wife asked if we watched 'Sons of Anarchy,' and mentioned that I resembled Hurst," Clark said. "Both my wife and I are obsessed with the show, so we started talking about it, and it turned out that Vijay is actually good friends with Ryan Hurst, and was planning on shooting photos of him with the guitars in a few days. We were floored."

Clark told Kumar that he had to be at the shoot, so it was rescheduled. Nice, right? Not only that, but Clark's wife, who has her own garment line called Dead Dressmaker, returned the favor by constructing a leather vest for Hurst to wear for the shoot in the span of two days. "I don't know how she did it, but she managed to design and construct the [custom] vest in two days," Clark said. "So all in all, it was a really killer opportunity for both of us."

Clark isn't the only member of Demon Hunter who loves 'Sons of Anarchy,' either. The whole band watched the first two seasons of the show on the tour bus, twice. The Demon Hunter guys are such nerds for the show that while they were in Europe in November as the end of season three was being aired, they downloaded each week's episode on iTunes and watched it together. "As a band, we're always talking and fantasizing about getting spots as extras on the show," Clark admitted. "I think we'd fit in."

While Clark admitted to being "beside myself that this photo shoot happened," Noisecreep suggested that Demon Hunter invite Hurst to appear in their next video. "I hadn't thought of that," Clark said. "But it's not a bad idea. He's an extremely busy guy, but again, if the opportunity arose, it'd be an absolute honor."

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