Christian metalcore outfit Demon Hunter are set to return with Outlive in 2017, their first new album in three years. While no release date has been locked down yet, the band has served up the first glimpse at the new record with the lyric video for the glimmering "Cold Winter Sun."

The track kicks off with a quick drum fill and straight into a mid-tempo groove anchored by steady double kicks and an overlying melody. A wah-pedal drenched guitar lead comes in before the verse, injecting an even stronger sense of melody before the push and pull rhythm of the verse backed by anthemic drumming comes into play. Alternating low growls with soothing clean vocals, "Cold Winter Sun" boasts a dynamic chorus that's both heavy and calming.

“After the longest wait between Demon Hunter albums ever, we are so proud to share the first full song from our brand new album,” said frontman Ryan Clark. “It feels amazing to finally unleash a piece of this album to the world."

Speaking more specifically about the song, the singer added, “‘Cold Winter Sun' is a perfect example of where we’re at today, maintaining an element of classic Demon Hunter, but not so much as to be resting on our laurels. It’s always been my desire to pull a healthy amount of inspiration from our past, but to also incorporate enough forward progression to keep things interesting.”

While Clark is the primary songwriter in Demon Hunter, the writing was opened up this time around. “Patrick’s [Judge, lead guitar] contributions to Outlive unveil an exciting new path for the future of the band. He wrote the music for 'Cold Winter Sun' and it’s absolutely one of my favorites from the record," continued the frontman.

Outlive is expected to be out in March on Solid State Records and was produced and engineered by the band's guitarist Jeremiah Scott. Aaron Sprinkle aided in production and the record was mixed by Zeuss, who has previously worked with acts like Rob Zombie, Hatebreed and Queensryche.

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