Demon Hunter gained national attention recently over the fact that the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden revealed that he listened to the band's music on his missions and that he wore his Demon Hunter patch proudly while he carried out Operation Neptune Spear. It'd seem that the band has etched its place in American history.

Yet Demon Hunter carries on.

The band is on the road right now with In Flames, All Shall Perish and Battlecross, and Noisecreep polled frontman Ryan Clark on his tour essentials. Demon Hunter don't tour in road dog fashion, living on the road for years at a time, but the have perfected the art of packing a knapsack to prepare for life on the road and make what can often be a taxing situation a tolerable one.

"It's taken me quite a few years to figure out exactly how to prepare best for life on the road, but these days, I think I'm getting pretty close," Clark told Noisecreep. If you are a novice at touring, use this as your Golden Rules or your guide book. If not, well, live vicariously for a few.

Here's how it goes down:

iPhone: "I always bring my iPhone. Without it, I'd be lost. I'm able to keep up with email, work, family, friends and feel like I'm still in the loop of normal life. And of course, this only works if I remember to bring the charger."

Fully stocked laptop: "I bring a laptop stocked with all of the projects that I'm working on, so that I can continue doing design work while we're out. This is a nice way to kill downtime, and it means that I don't have to play a ton of catch up when I get back home."

Listening Device: "A nice pair of headphones are key."

Razors: "I shave my head every other day on the road."

Socks and undies in infinite supply: "I fill half my suitcase with ridiculous amounts of socks and underwear. Shirts and pants will be re-worn for days on end, but I've gotta have a nice clean change of S & U every day or so."

Dental Hygiene is key: "I bring several toothbrushes and put them in various locations of my luggage. That way, even if I lose one, it's no big deal. And they're always easy to find."

Baby stuff: "Baby wipes, baby powder and deodorant come in really handy when you're only able to shower every four days."

Entertainment: "A nice collection of DVDs comes in really handy on the bus. This time, some of the favorites are The Other Guys, Pineapple Express, Spaceballs, Prometheus, Walk Hard, Metalocalypse, Spinal Tap, Goodfellas, O Brother, Where Art Thou. I've also stocked my laptop up with a few TV shows I need to catch up on, some of which include Dexter Season 6, Breaking Bad Season 5, and The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2."

Shoes: "I always bring a pair of shoes that are easy to take on and off, since we're constantly having to get off the bus for this or that."

Proper attire: "This is a winter tour, so proper apparel for stupid-cold weather is necessary. Especially in Canada."

First Aid: "I like to bring Tiger Balm for achy joints, and Tylenol for head and body aches.

Stage clothes: "It's nice to have a few different sets of show clothes. If I wear the same thing on stage every night, it's bound to smell like a bag of wet trash within five days. If I'm not able to get them laundered right away, it's nice to have a few options."

Personal mic: "I always bring my own microphone, so I don't get sick from community mics. I also try to drink Emergen-C every day so I don't develop a cold.

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