Noisecreep is helping Demon Hunter to celebrate the decade since the release of its self-titled debut, which is easily one of our favorite albums of 2002. Come on, how can you not love "Infected?" It's one of the best songs in the band's healthy and expansive catalog. The band is also celebrating the release of its sixth album, True Defiance. There's a lot going on in Camp Demon Hunter and we're proud of the band for reaching several milestones in 2012.

Frontman Ryan Clark shared the Top 10 Things for Demon Hunter to Accomplish Over the Next 10 Years. It's good to have goals and armed with the type of gnarly metal and work ethic that Demon Hunter have perfected over the years, there's a strong probability that all of these items will be checked off the list by 2022.

Here's what's on Ryan Clark's goal list. We have to admit, we're partial to that whole "Do a tour on motorcycles" thing! If anyone can do it, Demon Hunter can.

1. Have a song featured in a major(ish) motion picture. We've been close in the past, but no dice.

2. Play in Australia.

3. Play on a late night television show. Fallon? (Editor's Note: Are you listening, Fallon bookers?)

4. Play in South America.

5. Score a movie.

Watch Demon Hunter's "My Destiny" Video

6. Play in Japan.

7. Do an acoustic tour.

8. Release a double album.

9. Release a full music video collection.

10. Do a tour on motorcycles.

Demon Hunter's sixth studio album, True Defiance, is out now via Solid State Records.

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