Demon Hunter will celebrate their tenth anniversary next year and the band will enter its second decade of rabble rousing rock by extending their partnership with Solid State Records. Solid State has been the band's longtime and only label home, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Hey, if it ain't broke...

"Solid State has always been an important part of Demon Hunter," said Demon Hunter singer, songwriter and co-founder Ryan Clark in an official statement. "They helped market the band before we'd even started writing our first record and they continue to push the band further with each new album. From the very beginning, Solid State has allowed Demon Hunter to do things our own unique way and they've become a vital part of the band's existence. Re-signing was a no-brainer for us."

The band is "knee deep" in the writing process for their next album, which will be their sixth. Clark revealed that "the songs are sounding as intense as ever. We've always made an effort to stay true to our sound, but we like to push the boundaries of that blueprint with each release."

Pushing the boundaries of the Demon Hunter blueprint includes varying influences, ranging from Viking metal to classic thrash to stomping hardcore, so says Clark. If there is one thing that Demon Hunter is defined by, it's the band's ability to fuse multiple genres into a searing sonic stew.

"Our goal, as it is with each record, is to blend these influences into one cohesive but unique Demon Hunter album," Clark said.

Noisecreep looks forward to the sixth Demon Hunter record and congratulates the band and Solid State on moving forward into the next decade of the band's career together.