Noisecreep has been helping Demon Hunter celebrate 10 years since the release of their self-titled album as well as the release of True Defiance, their sixth platter of devastating metal goodness. Singer Ryan Clark has been sharing a variety of Top 10 lists with Noisecreep and today's offering? The Top 10 Metal Songs That Demon Hunter Wish They'd Written.

This list is certainly a way for Demon Hunter to show their love and respect for their fellow metal battalion!

Noisecreep thinks Clark has just curated the ideal track list for a Demon Hunter covers album.

10. "Final Exit," Fear Factory (2010)

09. "Democracy Lesson," Coldseed (2006)

08. "House of Sleep," Amorphis (2006)

07. "This Continuum," Throwdown (2009)

06. "The Funeral of Hearts," HIM (2003)

05. "Use My Third Arm," Pantera (1994)

04. "Ghost Prototype II," Scar Symmetry (2008)

03. "Lethean Tears," Solution. 45 (2010)

02. "Broken Body," Bury Your Dead (2009)

01. "Nerve," SoilworK (2005)

Demon Hunter's sixth studio album, True Defiance, is out now via Solid State Records.