Noisecreep is proud to premiere the video for 'The Resonance,' the first clip from technical death metal band Decrepit Birth's new album, 'Polarity,' which came out July 27.

The video was directed by Ann Christin 'Anki' Rihm, the former VJ/producer for MTV Norway's 'Headbangers Ball.' The clip features the band performing in a barren desert in front of a dilapidated fence, and it includes plenty of earthquake/tremor camera footage, jarring closeups and shots of vocalist Bill Robinson looking like a cross between a homeless man and a deranged Viking. 'The Resonance' is Decrepit Birth's first video.


"We had a blast shooting late into the night, deep in the dark of the Mojave desert," said the band. "Anki had a great vision of what she wanted to do. It was about time for us to do a video, and we are glad we had such awesome conditions to shoot our first. Get ready!"

Added Anki: "Decrepit Birth is no ordinary death metal band, and my goal was to capture that. I chose to build the set in as natural environment/setting as possible and put much effort into how to light the set to give the video the exact look and feeling I wanted. My main focus was to make it seem as organic and natural as possible, but keeping a developing change that turns into a very massive final look. The video was shot for 12 hours straight in the desert three hours outside L.A. The guys were incredibly easy to work with, and we had so much fun."

'Polarity' track list

1. '(A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil'

2. 'Metatron'

3. 'The Resonance'

4. 'Polarity'

5. 'Solar Impulse'

6. 'Mirroring Dimensions'

7. 'A Brief Odyssey in Time'

8. 'The Quickening of Time'

9. 'Sea of Memories'

10. 'Symbiosis'

11. 'Darkness Embrace'

12. See Through Dreams' (Death cover/mail order edition bonus track)

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