The wait is over! Techdeath underground favorites Decrepit Birth have announced their return with their first new studio album since Polarity, which was released in 2010. Axis Mundi will serve as the band's fourth record, out July 21 through Nuclear Blast in North America and Agonia Records in Europe. The quartet have shared the first new song, "Epigenetic Triplicity" along with the album's track listing and artwork.

"Epigenetic Triplicity" opens up with a barrage of technicality within the first two seconds, careening into a blast-laden section that quickly morphs into a flurry of push and pull moments, trading technical fretwork for earth-churning rhythms. It's textbook Decrepit Birth as the band cycles through torrents of riffs, always with a keen sense of instantly memorable melodies.

Axis Mundi was recorded across three different studious over the course of a year. Guitarist Matt Sotelo tracked his guitar parts from the comfort of his home studio while the drums were recorded by Ryan Forsyth at Private Ear Studios. Meanwhile, bassist Sean Martinez tracked his bass at his own studio and everything was assembled by Stefano Morabito, who performed the mixing and mastering at 16th Cellar Studios.

Decrepit Birth once again worked with legendary death metal artists Dan Seagrave for the album cover (seen below). Seagrave's art has graced the cover of every Decrepit Birth album thus far and the artist is best known for contributing iconic artwork to classic albums from Entombed, Dismember, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and so many others.

Pre-orders for Axis Mundi can be placed at the Nuclear Blast webstore where fans can explore a variety of options. The album will be released across the colored vinyl, Digipak CD, and digital formats with bundle options available as well.

The band is currently on a U.S. tour and their remaining stops can be found at the Decrepit Birth Facebook page.

Decrepit Brith, Axis Mundi Album Cover

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

Decrepit Birth, Axis Mundi Track Listing

01. "Vortex of Infinity - Axis Mundi"
02. "Spirit Guide"
03. "The Sacred Geometry"
04. "Hieroglyphic"
05. "Transcendental Paradox"
06. "Mirror of Humanity"
07. "Ascendant"
08. "Epigenetic Triplicity"
09. "Embryogenesis"

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