On Sept. 14, Nuclear Blast will unleash 'Relentless Retribution' on America. And even though it will be deserving, the new Death Angel album will not be punishment. When the bay area thrashers stopped in New York City with Soilwork on July 16, the band added a piece of news that headbangers are doubly deserving of: more Death Angel.

"After [the record] comes out, we're gonna tour and tour and tour and tour and tour so don't get sick of us," frontman Mark Osegueda demanded. From July to mid August, the thrashers are hitting up every major city in the U.S. The travelers' autumn will be just as busy as they visit South American countries like Peru, Argentina and Brazil, and then European countries like Germany, Belguim, Norway, Denmark, etc.

"I'm sure you can tell, but we've been excited about this show all week long," Osegueda told the crowd. And yes, their fans could tell. The band's pumped energy passed onto the crowd, causing moshers to run about and crowd-surfers to plunge forward toward the stage. Death Angel's set sure kept the venue's bouncers busy.

"Ain't no nastier or sweatier place to call home," Osegueda said about the warm New York night. Then he gave the crowd the most warmhearted compliment he could. "You guys have been like a hot tub with magic fingers." Noisecreep doesn't want to know what that means, but we can say we love you to Death Angel.

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