When Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson describes your band with the words, "Heavy, thrashing, hardcore and perfect," you're in good shape. Dead by Wednesday knock out the kind of music that justifies that kind of praise. The New Haven, CT. outfit's tough yet accessible brand of metal is instantly memorable – a rare feat for a band this heavy.

In September Dead by Wednesday will be releasing 'The Last Parade,' their third album. Noisecreep is excited to premiere the group's video for 'Will to Fight,' a track from the forthcoming record. Check it out under the cut.

Watch 'Will to Fight' from Dead by Wednesday

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Dead by Wednesday drummer Opus told Noisecreep about the making of the clip and meaning behind 'Will to Fight':

"This video was really fun for us to shoot! We did it in Boston and we basically beat up and tortured our lead singer [Joesph Morbidelli.] It was almost kind of like an initiation being that he was the newest edition to the DBW family as of 2009. But he took it like a champ! Then check him out going 'Commando' and 'Rocky 4' style on us at the end of the video while getting his revenge after we tarred and feathered his a--," laughs Opus.

"We thought that we would take a different approach to a metal video since a lot of bands in this genre do the tough guy playing live in a factory building thing so we wanted to have no performance shots and just do a straight concept video. We definitely also wanted to do something lighthearted. I mean it's cool to be dark and mean as well but in this case, we just wanted to show a different side to Dead by Wednesday to let people know that although we are a serious band, we don't take ourselves too serious and can have fun too!"

Dead by Wednesday's 'The Last Parade' will be out on September 13th.

Tour dates:

Sat. Aug. 6th - Woodshock 2011, Thornville, OH. w/ Hed Pe, KMK, & more

Sat. Aug. 13th - Headquaters, Agawam, MA.

Fri. Aug. 19th - Carnival of Chaos @ I-96 Speedway, Lake Odessa, MI. w/ Hatebreed, Mushroom Head, Dope, & more

Fri. Aug. 26th - Opuspalooza @ Toads Place, New Haven, CT. - DBW CD Release

Sat. Sept. 10th - Skater City, Enfield, CT. w/Kali Ma

Fri. Sept. 16th - Firehouse Bar & Grille, Plainville, CT.

Oct. 2011 - West Coast Tour w/Motograter – Dates to come