'Powerful' and 'Beautifully delivered.' Those are two ways that Dead by Sunrise listener Cheryl Cavanagh of London, describes the band's latest single, 'Let Down,' in a review she wrote about their debut album, 'Out of Ashes.'

"As we continue to listen we get to a song that I have heard many times live, a song I was reluctant to listen to again, 'Let Down,' only now it sounds finished, and is more powerful and beautifully delivered," Cavanagh writes.

The song is one of 12 songs that will appear on 'Out of Ashes,' the debut by the band that features lead singer Chester Bennington, best known for his work in Linkin Park. Noisecreep is premiering the song.

Listen to 'Let Down'

Liza Woods of New York said 'Let Down' is a testament to the talents of the remaining members of Dead by Sunrise -- Julien K's Ryan Shuck (guitar, backing vocals), Amir Derakh (guitar, synth), Brandon Belsky (bass guitar) and Elias Andra (drums) and also Anthony 'Fu' Valcic (keyboards).

"Then there is 'Let Down,' which starts off a lot more ambient and definitely is a lot more Julien K-inspired," she writes. "This song, along with 'Give Me Your Name,' are the two tracks that really highlight how talented Shuck, Derakh, Belsky, Andra and Valcic are."

Melissa St. John of Los Angeles called that song, as well as 'Too Late' and 'Walking in Circles' "slower, deeper, often darker tracks."

"These are strategically placed on the album to remind you that Dead By Sunrise doesn't have to barrel through fast-paced songs to emulate emotional pain, struggle or anguish," St. John writes. "These tracks convey their emotions through slower tempos, unique guitars and synths and moving lyrics."

Overall, St. John recommends the album as a must-buy for music fans.

"As 'Out of Ashes' takes you on a journey, you experience a full circle of emotions from angst, to healing and finding love," she writes. "Although a lot of the album is deep and dark, it still manages to feel like a breath of fresh air with the unique sound, variety and honest lyrics. I recommend picking up Out of Ashes on [Oct. 13]."

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