When Dave Mustaine looks into his crystal ball, he sees a "really horrible" year ahead for the United States.

That's what the Megadeth frontman said in a recent interview with MTV Hive. During his chat, he also blasted President Obama, whom he'd previously taken to task for mishandling the Occupy Wall Street protests, and outlined what he sees as the failures of his administration.

"Everything is pretty s---y right now, with the eradication of the middle class, and we've got an attorney general who won't come clean about the Fast and Furious stuff," Mustaine said. "I think that we're headed for a lot of trouble. We've got an incredible debt, which is just continuing to get higher and higher. We need jobs right now, man. We don't need any more Washington deals, we need jobs. There are so many things wrong with this current administration."

Not that the avowedly Christian singer and guitarist thinks any of the Republican hopefuls stand to do a better job.

"I always thought Colin Powell would make a great president, but he doesn't want anything to do with politics anymore," Mustaine said. "I can't say I blame him. Given our choices for president, I think next year is going to be just terrible."

It's too bad Mustaine is no longer into witchcraft. As he told MTV, he "practiced it full-on" before turning himself over the Christianity, and back in the day, he was apparently quite skilled at casting hexes. He once used his powers to seduce a girl, he says, and while it seems he might then be able to use dark magic to convince Powell to run for president, those days are behind him.

Now, he won't even play the Megadeth tune 'The Conjuring,' which he calls a "list of instructions" for casting spells.

"I'm not saying everybody would listen to that song and decide to try doing a hex," Mustaine said. "Maybe out of 100 people, 99 will think it's stupid, or 99 will think it's cool but would never do it. But there's always that one. You know what I mean? I don't want to be responsible for misleading anyone. It's hard enough to survive in this world without getting bad ideas from a metal song."

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