He's got a long way to go if he wants to make waves like rocker-turned-Secret Service-person-of-interest Ted Nugent, but Dave Mustaine has a knack for stirring up liberal anger. He's gone on record as opposing gay marriage and doubting the citizenship of President Obama, and in a recent interview with the Birmingham News, he made a Nuge-style declaration about gun control.

"When people in Washington say they're going to take away my guns, they better bring theirs if they're going to take mine," the Megadeth frontman told the newspaper.

Mustaine has said that many of the problems facing this country are down to Obama, and should the president be re-elected, the singer and guitarist can look forward to at least one thing. According to his own logic, the next four years will be a banner time for heavy metal.

"When times get tough, when people are stressing a little more, heavy metal becomes more popular," he told the paper. "It has the right speed, tempo, vibration and color. When people listen to songs like that, they connect."

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