"After Creed broke up, both sides fought for survival for many years, trying to stay relevant in the business," Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti told Noisecreep. "It's easy when you are under the umbrella of a hugely popular band like Creed and when you go off and do your own thing, you realize how tough it is to make it. We worked hard on Alter Bridge and we will bring six years more of hard-earned experience to the Creed fold now." While Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips formed the successful rock band Alter Bridge in the wake of Creed's splintering, vocalist Scott Stapp went the solo route. Fast-forward five years and the principals of Creed have found their way back to one another, with a new album and a summer tour on tap.

Phillips also noted that bands are just like any other relationship, only that they exist with more people. "We're more wise now and have had more professional and personal experience, " the drummer told Noisecreep. "The bonding that we have had makes it easier to come back into the Creed relationship and to pick up where we left off, without too much baggage."

Tremonti also contends that the band will be making a fresh start and will not draw on the past and said, "We'll let the wounds stay healed and move forward. We can't bring up old stuff." Creed broke up during the height of their popularity, and Tremonti summed it all up, saying, "Things got convoluted and there was all this exterior, external pressure from people who came in between bandmates. When something gets that big, there are outside evils and little outside circles form, with others trying to grab a piece of it or to gain favor with other band members. It gets ugly. We didn't have time to sit back and take breaks or take six months off. We needed that break." Looks like the break is over for Creed and their fans!

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