Crazy Town, that rap metal outfit best known for their infectiously catchy 'Butterfly,' have reunited and are prepping their new album 'The Brimstone Sluggers.' To whet their fans' appetites, the boys released a 'Hit That Switch' teaser clip which features Seth 'Shifty' Binzer and Bret 'Epic' Mazur doing their thing in an unnamed recording studio.

Crazy Town have not released an album since their 2004 effort 'Darkhorse.' The teaser, which attempts to bring out a hazy and mysterious feel to the proceedings, is an interesting way to re-introduce the group to a new generation of music fans. It's a much more subtle approach to their enchanted, fairytale-inspired 'Butterfly' video.

'The Brimstone Sluggers' is actually a moniker Mazur and Binzer had before they created Crazy Town, and the pair are planning to focus on their hip hop roots with this new release. With the various lineup changes over the years, the two have still not filled out their roster for whenever they head out on tour.

One of the various reasons for the band's decade long absence lies in Binzer's well-documented bouts with drug addiction. His personal battles were spotlighted on two seasons of the VH1 shows 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew' and 'Sober House.' Early last year Binzer lapsed into a drug-induced coma and also received three years probation for a cocaine possession arrest.

With new material in the offing, Crazy Town are also branching out in the social media department, as they've set up their official Facebook and Twitter (@CrazyTownBand) accounts. It may be hard to top 'Butterfly' and one has to wonder if rap-metal will ever have a resurgence, but as Binzer raps in the teaser, "This world is tragic, but I still believe in magic."

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