Los Angeles rap rockers Crazy Town -- who had the mega hit 'Butterfly,' which was all over the airwaves back in 2001 -- have announced they will reunite for a performance during this year's SRH Fest, which is taking place at the National Orange Show Pavilion in San Bernardino, Calif. on Aug. 7. The performance will mark the first time Crazy Town have played a show in over five years. Five years? Has it been that long? How have we survived without the C-Town?

The band had been planning their reunion, but life threw some wrenches their way, namely the tragic death of former member DJ AM and the well-publicized rehab stints of frontman Shifty Shellshock -- Seth Binzer on his birth certificate. If you are a reality TV fanatic, you recognize Binzer not from C-Town, but from his appearances on 'Celebrity Rehab' and 'Sober House.'

"We had been talking about it and putting it back together, and then [DJ] AM died and that threw everything out the window and we all tripped out, and that was hard on us," Shifty/Binzer told Noisecreep about the reunion. "After it happened, we got back together and thought, 'We still gotta do it.' Now we finally are doing it. We have a new manager and label. We're excited. And I have a record with my other project, Shifty and the Big Shots, which is the first thing I did when I got out of rehab. It is more geared toward hip-hop, but still edgy, with my elements. I got clean, went into the studio, and I am trying to keep it different. "

While he did air his dirty, personal laundry on the reality shows, Binzer is quite open and honest about his daily effort to remain clean and sober. "I know I can stay clean," he admitted. "It is the puzzle of my life. I am doing my best to try and be in a way better place, not all 'f--- the world' and getting high every day. I am aware that it's not a good look to do drugs all day, and I am more productive when I am clean. It is easy for me to remember if I get high, that is not where I want to be, all like, 'F---! I hate this s---.'" Recovery is a difficult process and we wish Shifty/Binzer the best in staying on the straight, narrow, sober path!

As for the SRH Fest, the lineup also includes performances by Kottonmouth Kings, Dirty Heads, Unwritten Law, (Hed) pe, Authority Zero, Big B, Glasses Malone, Taintstick and Kutt Calhoun. Tickets for SRH Fest 2010 are currently available through www.SubNoizeStore.com, along with a free t-shirt.

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