Like many Americans, Kurt Ballou holds down two jobs these days. But it just happens that those two jobs happen to be playing guitar in the mighty Converge and recording your favorite bands at his GodCity studio.

Located in Salem, Mass., GodCity is where the 38-year-old has recorded and produced some of the most exciting artists in the worlds of metal, punk, hardcore, and everything in between. In the last few years alone, Ballou has recorded the likes of Trap Them, Coliseum and Torche, at the studio.

Although Ballou's isn't some kind of equipment snob, GodCity is still the kind of place any recording and instrument geek would love to call their own. For your trivia buffs out there, the studio even houses a headphone amp that belonged to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

In this killer exclusive, Noisecreep has partnered up with the fine folks at Scion A/V to bring you a video tour of GodCity, hosted by Ballou himself.

Watch 'Kurt Ballou's GodCity Studio Tour' Video

Scion A/V is set to launch a variety of exclusive online video content that was taken from their most recent Scion Music(less) Music Conference, a two-day event that brings together a diverse selection of experts to discuss the relevant issues in the music industry. Consisting of panels, debates, one-on-one interviews & workshops, and attended by music's most cutting edge artists and the industry's biggest influencers, the conference's goal is to provide developing talent with knowledge and resources for evolving careers.

The conference videos will be released on March 26 at and and feature appearances from Ballou, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Ronson, Steve Aoki, Nadastrom, Todd Edwards, Dam-Funk, 45 King, Sanford Parker and others who provide an intimate look at their music-making process as well as discussing their careers in absolute detail and candor¬¬. Along with the artists mentioned, panels featuring industry newsmakers will be available to view, highlighting music business topics such as "The Role of Zines," "Artists on Hating" and questions such as "Why Start A Label Now?"

Converge's eighth studio album, All We Love We Leave Behind, is scheduled to be released this spring via Epitaph Records.

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