David E. Jackson
David E. Jackson

Cold are one of the few bands that survived the nu-metal explosion of the mid to late '90s. It'd be a compliment to call them the cockroaches of the hard rock scene, even though it comes out sounding like an insult, but the sentiment is there. While many bands of that era and generation died out, Cold soldier on, with their army of fans remaining as dedicated as ever. 'Superfiction,' their new album, is in stores now.

Noisecreep spoke to vocalist Scooter Ward about what allows Cold to keep on ticking, his favorite superhero and his love for cooking.

Cold have endured a lot of trends in hard rock, having burst onto the scene during the nu metal era, which is not to call Cold "nu" at all! It's just that the band has survived genre ups and downs. What is the secret of Cold surviving and evolving beyond the trends? What keeps you fresh, invigorated and beloved by the fans?

I think there is something to be said about not making the same record twice. The music industry seems to force bands with successful albums to try and mimic the last record. Although Cold has had some success, we have always flown under the radar and have never been in that situation, which has allowed us to have more freedom with concept and writing. With that of course, we risk the chance of losing, but at the same time, gaining fans. It's a total gamble but I write about what I feel and it comes from a good place. And once our fans connect with a song, they are fans for life. The songs seem to impact them as much as they do us. Can't ask for anything more than that when creating.

Watch 'Wicked World' from Cold

Can you pick one song on 'Superfiction' and put us inside the song?

When I was writing 'What Happens Now,' I had set out to write a song for one of my favorite super heroes, Spider-Man. I completely got all my old and new Spider-Man swag out of the attic and laced it throughout the house so it was everywhere. I had the movies displayed on the big screen all day, all night. I had approached writing a song for the PlayStation game 'Psi Ops' a few years back the same way and it came out great. It puts you in a different place in your head for a minute. Opens the imagination. I'm trying Batman next!

What is next for Cold in 2011? What plans are on the horizon for you?

Besides world domination, we never try to anticipate what will happen. We will tour our hearts out and work hard at being there for the fans when they need us

Do you have any non-music hobbies or skills we'd be surprised to know about?

When not working on Cold, which is rare and short lived, I like to cook and I may possibly be one of the greatest couch potatoes in the world. Thank you, Noisecreep.

Cold's 'Superfiction' is out now and can be heard it its entirety at this link.

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