After being dismissed from Slipknot earlier this year upon filing a lawsuit against the band, percussionist Chris Fehn recently appeared somewhat optimistic about his return, expressing hope that he will "someday" be reinstated.

Since February, Fehn has scaled back his social media presence, only making two Instagram posts since the second month of the year passed. One was to promote his guest appearance on a solo song from Motorhead's Phil Campbell and the latest depicted a smiling father and Boy Scout son.

Fehn exclaimed, "Sorry for the delay in my posts. I think you can all understand. New life. Dad. Loving it!!!" One follower, zacharygarcia5606 commented, "Pls go back to Slipknot," to which Fehn tersely replied, "Someday."

View the post and a screenshot of the interaction in the comments section below.

Instagram: realchrisfehn
Instagram: realchrisfehn

The short of Fehn's lawsuit is that he alleged that he was not being properly compensated for his role within Slipknot. He accused the group (while naming Corey Taylor and Shawn 'Clown' Crahan directly, among other aspects of Slipknot's affiliated businesses) of hiding money from him. Read more details here.

Taylor publicly responded to these legal accusations, stating that he and the band were "wrongfully accused."

Fehn was replaced by the mysterious new percussionist who fans lovingly dubbed "Tortilla Man," due to the member's mask resembling, well, a cooked tortilla. While the percussionist's true identity has yet to be publicly revealed, many believe it to be Clown's Dirty Little Rabbits bandmate Michael Pfaff.

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