Chris Bailey, bassist for Australian rock act The Angels, has passed away after battling throat cancer. He was 62. Noisecreep reported in January that the musician had been fighting the disease for some time.

The band took to Twitter last night to let fans know that Bailey had died, posting several videos in tribute to their fallen brother.

Back in 1976, the Angels' then-bassist, Doc Neeson, took on the role of lead singer. This solidified the Aussie group's lineup, backed by brothers Rick and John Brewster. Singles like "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again," and "Waiting For The Sun" propelled the Angels into world-wide fame.

The Angels' sound even carried to Seattle grunge acts like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, who cite the band as an early influence.

In 2012, Neeson revealed that he was stepping down from lead vocals to undergo treatment for a brain tumor. The Screaming Jets frontman, Dave Gleeson, has sporadically taken up the singer's prior role.

The Angels will play a benefit concert in Chris Bailey's honor in Adelaide on April 17.

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