'Orchestral' would be a more than accurate way to describe Chiodos' sweeping, melodic-metallic music and even though they've got a new singer in their ranks in the form of Brandon Bolmer, the band promises the new, as-yet-untitled album will retain the band's signature 'bigness.'

"There's still gonna be a lot of strings on it and everything, just like with 'Bone Palace Ballet,' and the well-roundedness of the whole CD," keyboardist Bradley Bell told Noisecreep. "Like the other night we were trying to make a little bit of a layout for a track listing and we looked at all the songs and got pretty stoked, and we're like, 'Wow! We never really pictured it lined up like that.' This is gonna be a solid CD."

Bassist Matt Goddard concurred, saying, "We've definitely one-upped 'Bone Palace' for sure." Even Bolmer weighed in, admitting, "It's going to be more interesting than 'Bone Palace,' I believe."

Those are some big words coming from the band, since fans adore 'Bone Palace Ballet,' but Chiodos are confident they can back it up. The new album is due out this year on Equal Vision.