Chiodos [along with Breathe Carolina, I See Stars, Mod Sun, And the Color Morale and The Air I Breathe] recently embarked on The Rockstar Energy Drink Scream It Like You Mean It tour [which runs through the end of August].

But not without a couple of missteps.

As Chiodos keyboard player Bradley Bell told Noisecreep backstage at the recent House of Blues, Anaheim show, "We had to cancel the first show, which was in Tempe, Arizona, because our drummer [Tanner Wayne] sprained his ankle. A couple of days before that, our guitar player [Pat McManaman] broke his foot. So we've got guys hobbling around a little bit onstage but otherwise it's been great," reveals Bell.

Bell also talked about how the band dealt with its dramatic lineup changes last year after parting ways with lead singer/front man Craig Owens [who now fronts Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - or D.R.U.G.S.].

With Brandon Bolmer in place as the new lead vocalist, the band last year released 'Illiminaudio,' which almost instantly became a critical hit. But as Bell explained it, some fans had a different view of the album.

Charles Epting
Charles Epting

"Critics loved it, but some longtime fans went after us for doing it. We simply did what we had to do as a unit; what we had to do to survive as a band. I think all the fans that approached it with an open mind really appreciated it. We worked hard on it, there were lots of new pressures, but we were very proud of that record."

Watch 'Caves' from Chiodos

Bell also described, since the band has been around since 2001, how social media has played a huge role in the band's history.

"Chiodos was around before much of the on-line networking stuff was available. Today we use it a lot, we control all of our stuff, but back in the beginning, it was really different. There was something called Live Journal, then Friendster, and then eventually MySpace. Back then at the start we were booking all of our tours ourselves, but thanks especially to MySpace we were able to branch out. In fact, our record label first heard us on MySpace so for us, social media really helped us survive."

Bell added that Chiodos will be recording this winter after a fall tour.

In 10 years of touring, have things changed much for Chiodos on the road?

"Well, it's changed a lot, but mostly you just learn to survive," Bell laughed. "You have to ignore the minor details that drive you crazy and since we're now like a veteran band to a lot of these younger groups, especially on a tour like this, we try to share as much as we can about what to look for. Plus, it's cool to know we've had an influence on them - that feels good."

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